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It is our pleasure to publish the work of emerging and established artists. Please read our submission guidelines below.


CREATIV Magazine Inc gives artists from all background the opportunity to contribute and have it published. CREATIV is well known in the Art and Fashion industry and has the respect of major PR companies throughout New York city and Miami and soon globally. Being published means more credibility to your work and the chance to get discovered.

Please follow the guidelines below: Upon reviewing submissions, CREATIV Magazine Inc. reserves the rights to Accept or Deny any submission we receive. Submissions are reviewed based on its content, quality, relevance and the availability of space in the issue its being submitted to be published. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: CREATIV Magazine Inc. doesn’t provide free print copies, as presently the publication is printed exclusively through Joomag, Joomag prints-by-purchase. Digital copies are available and Tear Sheets are provided upon request.  We also don’t pay for submissions, all photo shoot expenses for a submission to the magazine are covered by the team conducting the project. We are looking for only UNPUBLISHED editorials. If we find out that they are published by another magazine your submission will be rejected. Once your submissions are accepted they must not be posted online or any social media until the magazine is released. The Cover is only reserved to the discretion of the Editor in Chief, it is not necessary to ask for the Cover. We reserve the right to refuse content if deemed inappropriate for our audience. Once published in scheduled issue of the magazine, content cannot be retracted.

Please sign the release form in order to proceed with your submission.


*   All submissions must be sent before the stated deadline of an issue.

*   If a submission is being accepted and the final pieces aren’t sent before the deadline, that submission will

     not be published in the issue for which it was accepted.

*   Please see Deadline Dates for 2022-2023:

     ISSUE #53  :  Nov 19th  Release date Dec 28th 2022

     ISSUE #54  : February 20th Release date March 24th 2023

     ISSUE #55  :  May 21st Release date June 26th 2023

     ISSUE #56  :  July 19th Release date Aug 28th 2023

     ISSUE #57  :  Sept 25th Release date Oct 22nd 2023

     ISSUE #58  : Nov  20th Release date Dec 28th 2023

     ISSUE #59 :  Jan 15th 2024 Release date Feb 26th 2024


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